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Liftman Elevators is a company founded by a team of experienced professionals who have been working in the elevator industry for 18 years. With their innovative ideas and revolutionary products, they have made a name for themselves in the industry. Their dedication to providing top-quality elevators and exceptional customer service has earned them a reputation as one of the leading brand in elevator market.

Also, liftman is trying to implement revolutionary ideas in the elevator industry Like machine learning ioT and AI for elevator Touch less internet analytics for maintenance and service elevator can communicate with server and maintenance call by self like many more smart solution are in-line for next generation elevators

We Provide Professional Elevator Services

Modernization Of Elevators

Upgrading old elevators with new technology can have many benefits. Some of these benefits include improved efficiency, enhanced reliability, reduced maintenance costs, strengthened safety, improved ride comfort, and fresh aesthetic appeal

Advancement Resources

It's the age of everything smart and so are the elevators from LIFTMAN ELEVATORS. Our internet connected smart elevators promise you the next level experience. So now enjoy the control of your elevator at your fingertips with the power of internet.

Our Services

Passenger Lift

The passenger lifts known as Automatic Door Lifts are fitted with doors that may be automatically opened and closed as necessary thanks to high-quality laser sensors. These lifts are extremely safe for children and elderly people thanks to the use of Automatic Doors because there are zero dangers of getting stuck in the door. These are widely used in locations like malls and MNC offices where people can simply move from one floor to another without the assistance of a lift operator.

Goods Lift

We have an excellent reputation in the market. Being a quality-focused company, we guarantee to our clients that the hydraulic stacker is the best lift available. When producing the whole range, our skilled experts solely use premium raw materials. According to the needs of our aforementioned clients, we offer a wide variety of sizes and shapes

Features: Maximum strength; rust resistance; and increased durability

Hospital Lift

For easy patient and equipment movement in hospitals, we provide hospital lifts. We use the most recent technology available today, which is used by everyone, to make it simple for the patients to move around. For patient convenience, these hospital lifts are frequently equipped with center opening telescoping power operated doors. These feature a chic appearance and excellent utility. The best way to transport stretchers, wheelchairs, and gurneys is with hospital lifts. We provide those lifts in a variety of styles at affordable pricing.

Additional features include:

Strong construction

Power efficiency

Resistance to abrasion

Durability and smooth finish

Home Lift

The small home elevator lift is also called residential lift elevator. Used inside and outside of home.Specially designed to help people who are disabled and can not travel from higher floors.


Stainless steel or steel plate. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Platform Size

Customized as your request.

Why Use This Small Home Lift ?

Non-Pit installation. The home lift does not need extra machine room or pit, a platform directly fixed on the ground, save space.

Lower fault rates. Hydraulic driving with a simple control system. Much lower fault rates than other complex systems.

Much more lower cost. simple control system and simple structure will lower the total service cost. Especially suitable for some low budget project. You can do maintenancework by yourself, no need any professional engineer.

Easier install work. We provide details assemble video and drawing, and you can assemble and install the lift by yourself.

Hydraulic Lift

From the most basic to the most complex applications, we offer a wide range of standard and fully customizable designs. We have the expertise and quality that each component requires, ensuring a smooth installation and dependable performance. We have the most difficult schedules and provide everything from two stop standard dual jack holeless elevators to the most complex, custom roped freight cars. There is no such thing as a small or large project. This product is available in a variety of configurations. This is ideal for buildings with the following characteristics and service requirements:

Direct Plunger (Holed Type): This type of plunger is typically used in buildings with more than two stops where drilling a jackhole is not difficult.

Dual Jack Hole-Less: Used for two stops when drilling a jackhole is difficult or there is occupied space below the pit.

Roped Hole-Less: Used for more than two stops where a jackhole cannot be drilled or where there is occupied space below the pit.

Telescopic Hole-Less: Used when the first three options aren't possible or cost-effective.

MRL Lift

The MRL is one of the most significant innovations in the lift industry in recent decades. MRL lift growth has been unpredictable over the last ten years. MRL is the industry standard for low to mid-rise buildings. The remarkable growth of this technology is due to the building industry's recognition of its tangible benefits for everyone - architects, building owners, users, and the environment.

Hotel Kitchen Lift

What speed of elevator is required? Elevator speed requirements vary based on elevator type and number of stories. For most three- to five-story hotels, the speed is approximately 100-200 fpm (feet per minute). Most major franchises also have minimum requirements for elevator speed which must be met.

What are the most common brands? Typically, hoteliers select their elevator brand based on price, reputation, and service/maintenance availability. Most major elevator brands have service support available in all major cities, but for more rural locations, service availability should be a consideration. Below are the four most common brands we typically see in our designs.

Residential Apartment Lift

Auto doors ○ Automatic doors allow for contactless entry into the elevator, allowing you to do more. It also ensures better safety and maximum use of space ○ DOOR SAFETIES A screen of infrared beams on the doors, reopens them immediately when an obstacle breaks the screen. Additionally, if the elevator stops between floors, the doors cannot be opened from the inside preventing unauthorized and unsafe passenger rescue.

AUTOMATIC RESCUE OPERATION Battery powered systems deliver passengers safely to the nearest floor during a power failure.

What We Offer

Free Consultation

At the planning stage itself, our experts provide free guidance on the type of elevators to choose based on the usage and type of occupation of the building. To prevent wasting space in the lift shaft or creating.


Lifts also have a lifespan; if usage is normal, it will be fine; if usage is poor, it will be shorter, making the lift sick and dangerous to use. Such lifts need to be modernised in order to restore their health and give them a second chance at safe operation.

After Sale Service

Whether it's free servicing while under warranty, labour service contract, or comprehensive maintenance contract, we have well-trained staff and an adequate supply of spare parts to provide effective after-sale care.

New Lifts

Supply, Install, testing and commissioning of any type of new Lifts.

Important Fixes

Major repairs typically take longer to complete and call for highly skilled technical professionals. During a significant repair, it's also crucial to use spare components that are suitable for the equipment being replaced and are of high quality and the right specification.

Customize Lift Solutions

Our Custom Lifting Solutions involve understanding your specific situation, clearly defining your objectives, and building a lift to meet those objectives. The result is a final product specifically built to perform exactly the way you require.

Our Solutions

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Introduction Of Iot Enabled Smart Elevators

IoT (Internet of Things) technology can enhance the service of elevators, improve their safety, and facilitate the upgrading of key components. IoT-enabled elevators use artificial intelligence (AI) to enable effective vertical transportation of passengers and commodities. IoT technology has enabled elevators to become smarter by improving their functionalities and safety protocols

Why Smart Elevators?

IoT enabled smart elevator technology has taken the elevator business a step further. Today, smart elevators collect data, monitor traffic flows, and act as powerful maintenance tools. Remote monitoring

The remote monitoring of elevators and their preventive maintenance help reduce service interruptions and minimize downtime. The user experience can also be optimized by using IoT to lower waiting periods and offer mobile connectivity .

Benefits Of Smart Elevators

Some benefits of using IoT in elevators include improved safety, enhanced service, and facilitated upgrading of key components. IoT technology can also help provide lower waiting periods, offer mobile connectivity, and facilitate the use of more power-efficient systems.

"Remote monitoring and preventive maintenance of elevators can help reduce service interruptions and minimize downtime. By detecting and predicting maintenance and repairs can be scheduled before a fault occurs, minimizing or avoiding service interruptions altogether.

Remote monitoring can also help identify optimal maintenance schedules, thus avoiding peak periods of elevator usage. This can lead to smoother people flow and more satisfied users."

How does it works?

An IoT-enabled smart elevator uses custom hardware to connect with a controller through a Wi-Fi or LAN interface. It communicates through signals generated by changes in the GPIO (general-purpose input/output) pin or UART (universal asynchronous receiver-transmitter). The hardware detects any changes in the signal, and the communication is shared with the IoT central hub. The transmitted data is processed by the logic application layer of the hub to detect and predict a fault. It uses the WebSocket to communicate with a user interface and transmit a meaningful signal .

Remote monitoring of elevators involves collecting data from sensors and other devices installed in the elevator and transmitting it to a central hub for analysis.

This data can be used to detect and predict faults, schedule maintenance, and optimize performance. The IoT-enabled platform monitors elevator performance on the back of set parameters. While monitoring, the data is sent to the cloud in real-time. These connected services also help identify optimal maintenance schedules,

Remote monitoring helps reduce service interruptions by detecting and predicting faults


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